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How Can Carbon Accounting Help Companies Meet Emissions Targets?

When we hear the term “Carbon Accounting“, we may think of it as just another buzzword in the sustainability industry. However, the numbers behind carbon accounting can be mind-blowing, and they have the potential to make a real difference in creating a more sustainable future.  

Carbon Accounting is the process of measuring and tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere. It is an essential tool for companies and governments to measure and manage their carbon footprint and work towards reducing their impact on the environment. Carbon accounting is particularly important for ESG reporting, as it provides an environmental metric for companies to report on their sustainability performance. 

Here are four key points to consider regarding carbon accounting and ESG reporting: 

  • Carbon emissions are a crucial metric in ESG reporting. Companies are expected to disclose their carbon footprint and emissions reduction targets and progress towards meeting those targets. 
  • Carbon offsetting is an effective strategy for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their emissions reduction targets. However, companies should focus on reducing their emissions at the source before turning to offsetting. 
  • ESG reporting is not just a compliance exercise; it can also help companies identify areas where they can improve their sustainability practices and create value for stakeholders. 
  • There is increased demand for the company ESG reports from investors and stakeholders, as they want to understand their investee company’s environmental and social impact with regulatory compliance. 

Carbon accounting is becoming increasingly important for companies and investors. In 2020, over 60% of S&P 500 companies published sustainability reports, and the number of signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) has grown to over 4,000, representing $100 trillion in assets under management. 

In conclusion, Carbon Accounting is a critical instrument for companies and governments to understand and manage their carbon emissions, particularly in the context of ESG reporting. Credible helps companies that prioritize sustainability and transparency, create value for themselves and society as a whole. By tracking and reducing carbon emissions, we can help mitigate the effects of climate change and work towards a more sustainable future.  

Credible ESG is a comprehensive SaaS Platform with a Carbon Emission Capturing & Accounting Platform alongside a Portfolio Alignment Tool and Advisory. Click here to Book a Demo or to speak with our ESG Expert. 

Let’s take concrete steps toward measuring and reducing your environmental impact with Credible! 

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