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Supplier Assessment

Dive deep with expert Supplier Assessments, optimising transparency, quality, and ethical compliance throughout supply chain to align with your values and standards

What are Supplier Assessments?

Supplier assessment (also called vendor assessment) evaluates a supplier’s performance, capabilities, and compliance with specified criteria, often encompassing quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. It involves gathering data on suppliers’ capabilities, quality, delivery, financial health, compliance, sustainability, and other important attributes. These supplier assessments help companies to determine the most qualified suppliers that pose the lowest risks.

The challenges faced by companies during
ESG Supplier assessment

Environmental Compliance

Difficulty in tracking and ensuring suppliers' adherence to environmental standards, leading to high carbon footprints and unsustainable use of resources.

Social Responsibility

Challenges in monitoring labour practices across the supply chain, including workers' rights, safety standards, and fair wages.

Governance and Transparency

Ensuring suppliers comply with anti-corruption laws, ethical business practices, and transparent reporting mechanisms.

How Credibl Helps?


Automated ESG Compliance Tracking

Credibl's platform enabled automated tracking workflows to capture suppliers' environmental and social practices, saving companies an average of 30% in monitoring costs.


Risk Assessment Tools

Utilizing AI, the platform offered predictive risk assessment tools that helped identify potential ESG compliance risks before they escalated, reducing ESG-related incidents by up to 40%.


Benchmarking and Reporting

Companies could benchmark their supply chain ESG performance against industry standards, facilitating improved reporting and decision-making.


Supplier Assessment Module

This module facilitated better communication and collaboration between companies and their suppliers, leading to an increase in supplier compliance rates within the first year.


Data Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics provided actionable insights into ESG performance, with a dashboard that consolidated data from thousands of suppliers, enabling real-time monitoring and reporting.


Training Module

This module facilitated better communication and collaboration between companies and their suppliers, leading to an increase in supplier compliance rates within the first year.

Benefits of Choosing Credibl

Empowered 100+ clients with multi-supplier ESG assessments & reporting
Supply Chain Resilience

Strengthen your supply chain by identifying and mitigating potential risks early, ensuring business continuity and resilience.

Improved Compliance

Ensure that your suppliers adhere to global and local regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications and fostering responsible business practices.

Sustainable Procurement

Promote sustainability within your supply chain by encouraging suppliers to adhere to environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible practices.

Better Supplier Relationships

Foster stronger relationships with suppliers through open communication and collaborative efforts towards achieving common ESG goals.

Performance Improvements

Gain a competitive edge by developing a supply chain that meets the increasing demand for sustainable and ethical business practices.

Brand Enhancement

Enhance your brand’s reputation by showcasing a commitment to responsible sourcing, attracting conscious customers and partners.

Supplier Onboarding

Smoothly integrate new suppliers, ensuring sustainability compliance

Data Collection & Management

Centralized collection system for data monitoring and improvement

In-depth Training

ducate and guide suppliers with best ESG and sustainability practices

Managed ESG Supplier Assessment Services


Let us help you navigate through the complexities of ESG

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