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ESG Assurance Services

Verify your ESG data with our comprehensive assurance services. Ensure the authenticity and reliability of your ESG data, both internally and externally, aligning with global standards and stakeholder expectations.

What is ESG Assurance?

ESG Assurance entails a rigorous review of a company’s sustainability practices, encompassing both internal and external assessments. It aims to provide trust and confidence to investors and other stakeholders regarding the accuracy and reliability of a company’s ESG disclosures.​

How Internal Assurance is done?

Internal assurance involves a meticulous evaluation of an organization's ESG practices, policies, and data management. It ensures that the ESG information disclosed is accurate, reliable, and in line with the company's strategy and regulatory requirements​.

Data Governance

Ensure robust ESG data governance through a structured framework that encompasses data collection, management, and reporting processes.

Multi-Stakeholder Review

Engage diverse stakeholders in reviewing ESG data and practices to ensure transparency, inclusivity, and alignment with stakeholder expectations.

AI-Based Data Validation and Assurance

Employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to automate the validation and assurance of ESG data, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

External Assurance

External assurance, conducted by third-party entities, scrutinizes a company's ESG disclosures to ensure they are authentic, steadfast, and conform to international standards. The external assurance provides an unbiased verification of a company's ESG performance, enhancing stakeholder trust and company reputation​.
Third-Party Network
Leverage a network of reputable third-party assurance providers for unbiased, rigorous examination of your ESG disclosures.

Data Assurances Processes

Tailored to meet the demands of a global audience, our ESG Assurance services ensure that your organization is at the forefront of sustainability and corporate responsibility. 



Evaluate the current state of ESG practices and data management.



Develop a comprehensive plan for internal and external ESG assurance.



Execute the assurance plan, engaging both internal and external stakeholders.


Review and Improvement

Continuously review the outcomes, deriving insights for future improvements.


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