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ESG Goal Setting

Define precisely measurable ESG goals, relevant KPIs selection and tracking unique to your sustainability mission, ensuring not just growth, but growth that matters.

Why set ESG Goals and KPIs?

Setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) helps companies measure, manage, and improve their ESG performance over time. Well-defined ESG goals demonstrate a company’s commitment and provide a roadmap for making measurable progress on material sustainability issues. Tracking performance with ESG KPIs enables transparency, accountability, and focused efforts to achieve defined targets.

How it works?


Comprehensive ESG Assessment

In-depth analysis of current operations and practices to develop a tailored strategy for your business goals, risks, and opportunities in the ESG realm.


Target Setting & Tracking (SBTi and more)

Setting specific, measurable ESG targets you can benchmark ensuring a cohesive and holistic approach to sustainable business growth.


Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

Real-time reporting to see where you stand with ESG performance, facilitating data-driven decisions and strategy tweaks.


Review and Refine

Periodically review and refine your ESG Goals and KPIs to ensure they remain aligned with evolving business context and stakeholder expectations.

Benefits of Choosing Credibl

What gets measured, gets managed.
Define Your ESG Strategy

Get help developing clear, actionable ESG goals & KPIs aligned with your business objectives and stakeholder priorities for a future-proof roadmap.

Select Meaningful ESG KPIs

We identify the most relevant, material KPIs to track progress across ESG areas to ensure you can demonstrate commitment to ESG priorities.

Science Based Targets (SBTi)

Our platform inherently supports setting and tracking goals based on the Science Based Targets Initiative.

Monitor & Report Progress

Our ESG platform and dashboards allow you to track KPIs versus targets continuously with highlighted achievements and detailed reports.

Performance Improvements

Accurately measuring ESG progress empowers you to course-correct and systematically improve sustainability outcomes.

AI Based Predictive Analytics

AI and ML models take your goals tracking experience to the next level, surfacing the red flags and insights from your data.


Let us help you navigate through the complexities of ESG

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