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ESG Data Collection & Validation

Elevate Your Sustainability Goals with an accurate and verifiable ESG Data Management Platform

What is the ESG data collection process?

The ESG data collection process involves the gathering and organizing of various types of sustainability information from multiple sources, departments, and locations. It’s crucial for assessing a company’s ESG performance, meeting reporting standards, and ensuring transparency for stakeholders. With Credibl ESG data collection software, you can define and assign data sources, giving you clear, step-by-step guidance about data availability.

ESG Data Collection and Validation

Why does data need to be validated?

Data validation is one of the toughest challenges in ESG reporting.

The demand for validated ESG data has risen sharply due to increased interest in sustainable and responsible business practices. With data coming from multiple sources, validating the data with an evidence-backed system becomes imminent for its accuracy, consistency, and reliability. The data validation also ensures that the data reflects the company’s anticipated ESG performance. Credibl offers an “upload evidence” feature at each data point and even raises a flag if it has a variance greater or lower than the set limit.

How Credibl Helps?

Accurate Data Collection Process

Get expert assistance with ESG business data that needs to be tracked. Understand and eliminate data gaps in your ESG and sustainability KPIs.

Instant ESG Data Aggregation

Aggregate comprehensive ESG data across various parameters provide a holistic view of your sustainability performance. Keep your sustainability data clear, coherent, and well-structured.

Well-defined Data Validation

Validate ESG data with realistic values checks, compare information from different areas, and look at how values change over time. Understand trends and compare KPIs to make better decisions and plan ahead.

Maker-Checker Approval Process

Streamline data approval with features allowing for maker-checker approval, comment additions, and audit logging. Enhance data integrity with automatic notifications on data approval or corrections, and non-editable data once approved.

Advanced ESG Data Monitoring

Harness the power of our ESG Data Monitor to seamlessly capture and monitor external unstructured ESG data using advanced ML & AI capabilities. Stay ahead of ESG risks, and ensure better data sourcing.

Next-gen Data Intelligence

ESG Data Intelligence feature that transforms reporting by centralizing data in a powerful data lake. Leverage intuitive dashboards, real-time analytics, and machine learning to make better decisions and unlock the full potential of your data.

Data Collection & Validation Process


ESG Data Strategy Development

Utilize the platform to define your sustainability objectives and establish clear ESG targets.


Seamless Data Integration

Leverage our platform's capability to amalgamate data from varied formats and sources, providing a holistic view of all ESG metrics.


Efficient Data Collection

Harness a well-orchestrated process within the platform to accumulate the requisite ESG data, ensuring both accuracy and comprehensiveness.


Validation and Verification

Engage powerful data validation and verification processes through the platform to ascertain the precision and dependability of the collected ESG data.


Still struggling with ESG Data Collection and Validation?

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