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BCORP: Benefit Corporation

Businesses Benefiting the World BCorp certification recognizes companies balancing profit and purpose to create a more inclusive economy.

Elevate your business with B Corp Certification. Embrace transparency, foster sustainability, and join a global community driving change. Start your B Corp journey today!

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BCorp-Endorsed Reporting Solutions for Sustainable Business Practices

Our BCorp-certified software equips businesses to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. Engage with us to champion transparency and drive mission-aligned growth.

Seal of Approval

Navigate the BCorp certification process, a third-party seal from B Lab, emphasizing mission-driven businesses and rigorous social and environmental standards​​.

Membership Insights

Understand BCorp membership nuances, including the periodic re-certification to ensure sustained commitment to impact goals​.

BCorp Perks

Leverage the added benefits of BCorp certification, from pro bono legal services to enhanced brand mission awareness among sustainable consumers​.

Comparative Clarity

Differentiate between BCorps and Benefit Corporations, optimizing your business model for maximum positive impact and industry recognition​.



Start with the B Impact Assessment to measure your company’s overall impact



Work on areas needing enhancement to meet certification requirements of 80/200 points


Legal Alignment

Adjust your company’s legal framework to acknowledge the balance of profit and purpose



Pursue and maintain the BCorp certification through regular assessments and improvements.

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Measure your company’s entire social and environmental impact with BCorp Certification

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