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Reduce Climate Impact with Product Carbon Footprint Solution

Understand and reduce the carbon footprint of your products to meet your sustainability and ESG goals 

What is Product Carbon Footprint? 

A Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) provides insights into the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product throughout its life cycle. It sums up the emissions generated over different stages, from the extraction of resources to the end-of-life of the product. This tool has become crucial in recent years as businesses and consumers alike become more environmentally conscious​.

How does it help in sustainability & ESG?

Understanding a product's carbon footprint is a strategic move toward sustainable business practices. It offers valuable insights into potential areas for emission reductions and helps companies align with evolving ESG standards and regulations. By leveraging tools like PCF, businesses can make informed decisions that not only reduce their environmental impact but also resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers​. 

Product Lifecycle Assessment

A comprehensive view of greenhouse gas emissions across a product's entire life cycle​

Guided ESG Strategy

Enables a structured approach to achieving carbon transitions

Real-time Data Monitoring

Regular updates instead of annual assessments for timely actions​

Comprehensive Reporting Platform

Converts financial, operational, and supply chain data into actionable results

Competitive Advantage

Products with a lower carbon footprint can offer businesses a distinct competitive edge

Informed Decision Making

Breaking down emissions to the product level offers valuable insights​

How does Credibl help to track & report product carbon footprint?


Effortless Measurement

The platform facilitates easy measurement of ESG data, including the carbon footprint of products.


Efficient Management

Credibl provides tools to manage ESG data efficiently, ensuring that data is organized and readily available for analysis.


Accurate Reporting

Credibl ensures that businesses can accurately report their ESG data, offering transparency and trust to stakeholders.


Insightful Tracking

The platform allows businesses to confidently track and derive insights from their ESG data, aiding in enhancing overall ESG performance​1​.


Track & Report Product’s Carbon Footprint

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