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Automated Workflows & Alerts for ESG Reporting

Automate, monitor, and optimize your ESG data management and reporting with intuitive workflows and alerts.

What are Automated Workflows and Alerts?

Workflows and alerts in the realm of ESG reporting systems are designed to automate and streamline the data collection, validation, and reporting process. Automated workflows can securely send, collect, and analyze data, making handling materiality assessments, surveys, and corrective actions easier. Alerts, on the other hand, provide real-time notifications to stay on top of ESG risks, ensuring timely disclosures and compliance with various ESG frameworks like GRI and SASB.

Configurable workflows guide your ESG data through necessary steps from collection to disclosure. Automated alerts notify assigned personnel when necessary to keep the process moving. Dashboards provide real-time visibility allowing you to track progress and catch potential issues early. Workflows boost collaboration, accountability, accuracy, and efficiency.

How does it help in ESG data management and reporting?

Leveraging workflows automates manual data management and reporting tasks, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. This not only facilitates compliance with ESG regulations but also provides insights into ESG performance, aiding in pinpointing areas for improvement.


Automate manual tasks

ESG workflows can automate many of the manual tasks associated with ESG data management and reporting, such as data collection, data validation, and report generation.


Enhance accuracy and efficiency

 Well-defined ESG workflows can help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of your ESG data management and reporting.


In-depth insights into ESG performance

ESG workflows can help you gain insights into your ESG performance by generating reports that summarize your ESG data and identify areas for improvement.


Improved compliance with ESG regulations

ESG workflows can help you to stay compliant with ESG regulations by ensuring that you are collecting, managing, and reporting on ESG data in accordance with applicable regulations.

What does Credibl offer for workflow and alert automation?

Understanding a product's carbon footprint is a strategic move toward sustainable business practices. It offers valuable insights into potential areas for emission reductions and helps companies align with evolving ESG standards and regulations. By leveraging Credibl ESG, businesses can make informed decisions that not only reduce their environmental impact but also resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers. 

Automated Data Collection

Simplify the gathering of ESG data from diverse sources, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Product Lifecycle Assessment

A comprehensive view of greenhouse gas emissions across a product's entire life cycle​.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate audit-ready reports with the click of a button, aiding in timely disclosures.

Secure Data Handling

Ensure data integrity and security through controlled access and secure data transmission.

Validation and Verification

Employ third-party validation and verification to ascertain the accuracy of ESG data.

Continuous Improvement

Monitor and assess the ESG performance over time, driving continuous improvement in sustainability practices.


Automate your ESG reporting with workflow now!

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