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ESG Peer Benchmarking

Evaluate your company’s ESG performance against industry leaders and global standards. Harness insights to elevate your ESG practices to the forefront.

What is Benchmarking?

ESG benchmarking evaluates a company’s ESG performance with industry peers, competitors, and best practices. Through the analysis of key ESG metrics, companies discern strengths, gaps, and areas needing enhancement with strategic insights for setting ambitious ESG goals, mitigating risks, engaging investors, and boosting sustainability performance.

How it works?


Custom Peer Selection from ESG Database

Identify, analyse and benchmark against the peers most relevant to your specific industry segment and business model.


In-depth Disclosure Analysis

Qualitative analysis of the depth and quality of your sustainability data reporting against that of your peers.


Sustainability Experts by Your Side

ESG expertise to assess your sustainability footprint and help you navigate the complexities of ESG requirements.


Strategic Insights to Drive your ESG Programme

Receive actionable AI ML driven insights tailored to improving your ESG performance against benchmarks.

Benefits of Choosing Credibl

In-depth ESG Benchmarking that Drives Sustainability Forward
Precise Quantitative Metrics

Our large ESG data set of global companies allows you to leverage precise quantitative metrics for peer and industry benchmarking.

Identify Opportunities 

By benchmarking against top performers, uncover areas for improvement and assist prioritizing your ESG efforts.

Drive ESG Strategy

We bring in-depth knowledge and commitment to equipping organizations for ESG success.

Leverage Real-time Data

Our experienced ESG consultants guide you through interpreting gap analysis and developing targeted recommendations to drive improvement.

Prioritise Materiality

Our ESG Gap Assessments provide a customized and holistic analysis of your company’s sustainability strategy and performance.

Boost Stakeholder Confidence

Our assessment process ensures your company complies with relevant ESG regulations, enhancing transparency and mitigating risks.


Let us help you navigate through the complexities of ESG

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