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UNPRI: United nations principles for Responsible Investment

Prioritizing Principles for Responsible Investment with Integrity. Collaborate with us, and let’s transform the world of finance, one responsible choice at a time.

Join the global stride towards responsible investing and make every asset count towards a sustainable future. Embrace transparency with UNPRI Reporting.

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UNPRI-Endorsed Investment Solutions for Responsible Growth

Our UNPRI-compliant software supports financial institutions in integrating ESG issues, aligning investments with global sustainability standards. Harness our platform for responsible, transparent investment practices.

UNPRI's Essence

Rooted in six principles, our platform aids in assimilating ESG factors into investment practices, championing a sustainable financial system​.

In-Depth ESG Integration

Enable comprehensive ESG analysis, from policy statements to investment manager assessment, promoting responsible investment​.

Active Ownership Support

From developing engagement capabilities to shareholder resolutions, our software supports active ownership aligned with ESG considerations​.

Transparent Reporting Assistance

Advocate for standardized ESG reporting and ensure adherence to global norms, standards, and initiatives​



Publicly pledge allegiance to the six UNPRI principles



Embed ESG factors into investment and ownership decisions



Regularly monitor and assess ESG-related outcomes


Annual Report

Share progress through UNPRI’s reporting framework

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Fostering good governance, integrity & accountability for sustainable financial system

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