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ESG Platform for Investors

Enhance your portfolio’s sustainability and social responsibility by monitoring the ESG performance of your investments through the Credibl ESG Software.

ESG Reporting for Investment, VC, PE Firms, Asset & Fund Managers


Every single investor/asset owner is required to track investee companies’ ESG data – To fight climate change, stay in business, and stay legal.


Demanding disclosure in accordance with different frameworks.


Need it to secure a sustainable, growing investment portfolio & follow legislation.


Need it to secure sustainable financing, offer new financial products, evaluate credit risk, and follow legislation.

Why Investors Should Care?

Investors require a comprehensive understanding of various factors in order to effectively monitor ESG performance across portfolios. With investment portfolios and siloed ESG data, it becomes difficult to track and report the ESG footprint of each company to comply with regulations & frameworks such as TCFD, SFDR, SASB, and others.

With the Credibl ESG, investors can gain detailed insight into the ESG performance of each portfolio company, whether they are public or private.

ESG Reports of Investee Companies for Portfolio, Asset Managers & Funds

Meet SFDR Requirements

End-to-end support for SFDR Article 6, 8 or 9 funds. Collect data on required indicators and export document reports.

Get Data from Public & Private Companies

Platform support public data from company disclosures and private data via assessments.

Empower Portfolio Companies

Help your portfolio companies take control of their ESG data for their own ESG data management and reporting needs.

Sustainable Investments Simplified

One-stop solution to measure, manage, and report portfolio and fund-level ESG data.

How it Works?

Financed Emissions Calculation & Reporting Software

Financed Emissions

Understanding and addressing financed emissions ensures a comprehensive approach to a business’s overall carbon strategy.

How does it help?


Benchmark Portfolio Performance

Industry & Region Wise

Set Proactive & Measurable Targets

Net Zero

Portfolio Analysis & Rebalancing

Based on ESG Criteria

Financed Emissions Calculation

Strategy, Data & Reporting

Portfolio ESG Assessments

Assess ESG Health

Commitments to Signatories


Beyond Balance Sheets to a Greener Bottom Line

Decode the environmental echo of your portfolio

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