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SFDR: The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

A clear structure for the transparency of sustainable financial products and services.

Discover responsible investing with SFDR compliance. Our platform navigates the regulatory landscape and sustainable investment practices. Engage with SFDR, your pathway to a greener financial future.

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Tailored SFDR Reporting Solutions for Enhanced ESG Disclosures

Our advanced SFDR reporting platform assists asset managers and financial participants in fulfilling mandatory ESG disclosures. Collaborate with us for a seamless transition to sustainable finance transparency.

SFDR Essentials

Navigate the SFDR's core mandates, from mandatory ESG disclosures to specific provisions effective from March 2021​​.

SFDR Levels Explained

Differentiate between Level 1 and Level 2 disclosures, understanding entity-level requirements and the 'principal adverse sustainability impacts statement'​.

Taxonomy Regulation Interlink

Grasp the relationship between SFDR and the Taxonomy Regulation, ensuring comprehensive environmental sustainability disclosures​​.

Strategic Implementation

Prepare for both immediate Level 1 and upcoming Level 2 requirements, ensuring framework, systems, and data alignment for optimal disclosure practices



Ensure compliance with the EU’s SFDR requirements./ Classify funds/products per SFDR Article 6, 8, or 9 requirements


Risk Assessment

Evaluate potential sustainability risks in investment decisions



Document how decisions align with sustainability risk policies. Report on mandatory Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators


Periodic Reporting

Continually disclose data showcasing adherence to SFDR

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Improve your process transparency for sustainable investment with SFDR

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