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Financed Emissions Management for Banks and Financial Institutes

Empower Your Organisation with Credibl’s Comprehensive, Accurate, and Future-Ready Financed Emissions Management and Reporting Solution.

A comprehensive strategy for managing financed emissions and climate risk

Climate Reporting Readiness

Financial Risk Compliance

Future Proof Reporting

How Credibl helps?

The Credibl Financed Emission Reporting platform is designed to provide comprehensive and precise risk analysis, helping organizations manage risks, visualize exposures, and implement adaptation solutions effectively.

PCAF (Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials)

Elevate your financial institution’s carbon accounting practices with our PCAF-endorsed software. Align your loan and investment portfolios with the Paris Climate Agreement through transparent greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting.

Collect Emissions Data Across Your Portfolio

Consolidate & validate portfolio emissions data, facilitating multi-level investor reporting.

Identify Vulnerable Sites with Verified Datasets

Leverage comprehensive emission factor libraries & external sources (Defra, IEA, IPCC, GHG Protocol) for robust LCA analysis.

Transparent Stakeholder Reporting

Standardize PCAF methodology for financed emissions, enabling robust climate risk assessment & strategy integration.

Climate Risk Readiness and Compliance

Generate climate reporting score & gap analysis, and craft a tailored compliance roadmap with ESG experts for TCFD & ISSB readiness.

Financed Emission and Climate Risk

Credibl’s platform is designed to help financial institutions calculate and report the carbon footprint of their investing and lending activities, meeting standards such as the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. With automated workflows, powerful reporting tools, and advanced analytics, our platform enables effective climate strategy integration. 

Why Credibl?


Advanced Scenario Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Personalized Visualization

Custom Dashboards

Verified Emission datasets

Trusted Sources

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless Connectivity

Regulation Readiness

Compliance Assurance

Detailed Fact Sheets

Comprehensive Reports

Take Control of Your Portfolio's Financed Emissions with our Climate Risk Management Platform.

Hear about us from ESG Champions across the globe

Marci Zaroff
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Credible and the team at Infinichains have helped to digitize our supply chain from farm to finished product, another step forward in my pioneering efforts at ecofashionCORP to engage consumers using innovative story doing tools. Leveraging the intersection of regenerative and circular textiles with unparalleled technology, we are thrilled to be co-creating this next chapter of supply chain transparency.
Sandip Chauhan
Sandip ChauhanSR. ENGG. - O & M, SAMTA ENERGY PVT. LTD.
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The Credible team did a great job with the Credible ESG platform. It gave us important insights that we were missing. Credible helped us set our sustainability priorities and make the well-informed business decision to reduce our ESG footprint. We hope to see more great initiatives and will keep working with you in the future. Again, thank you very much to the entire Credible team for their support.
Dipali Goenka
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Transparency and accountability are key factors in building the customer’s trust and this is precisely what we aim to accomplish through our upgraded multi-level traceability solution Wel-Trak 2.0 which is enabled by blockchain, AI, and cloud technologies
Snehit Kumar Rahul
Read More
The credible Automation tool has been a great help, especially by removing the intricacy of uploading the data manually on Tracenet. Previously, the manual entry of various flows on tracenet was consuming significant time of our local implementing partners.

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